National Technical Systems (NTS)

Mount Prospect, IL
27,000 SF
27,000 SF of laboratory rooms complete with power distribution, HVAC and plumbing and 10,000 SF office space for an engineering services company that provides a wide range of product testing, inspections, and certifications.
  • 9,600 SF office space consisting of two (2) Conference Rooms, three (3) private offices, 3,200 SF of open office and collaboration space, three (3) Office Style Testing Laboratories with restrooms and shower rooms. Complete with new power, underground plumbing, and HVAC systems.
  • Approximately 590 LF of full height demising walls, finished and painted on each side separating office from testing laboratories.
  • 27,000 SF of open warehouse style testing laboratories with interconnecting overhead door openings, new HVAC systems, power distribution, and water supply and drainage capabilities.
  • New dedicated 2,000amp service including power distribution to over 100 pieces of laboratory testing equipment with varying power requirements.
  • Underground trench drains installed with above ground racking adjacent to over 1,200 LF of laboratory to collect condensation and water runoff from testing equipment.
  • New high volume water testing areas with 3’’ waterline capable to delivering 65 gallons per minute.
  • Above ground racking with cable tray installed to over 1,600 LF of laboratory spaced to accommodate power distribution, compressed air distribution, deionized water distribution, and liquid nitrogen distribution.
  • Removed existing slab on grade, excavated formed and poured new footings, underground concrete trenches and vaults to accommodate a new EMC chamber.
  • EMC testing lab includes 30 Ton of new rooftop heating and cooling, and complete pre-action fire sprinkler systems.