Preferred Freezer Chicago #3

Chicago, IL
227,043 SF
This is the 2nd Preferred Freezer in Chicago that Keeley has built. Preferred Freezer Chicago #3 is a Cold Storage building separated into a freezer, cooler, and blast freezer, each of which maintaining different temperatures.

Building Highlights:

  • 227,043 SF Facility; with 60’ – 0” Clear Height Storage for (2) Freezers and (1) Blast Freezer, 9,000 SF 2-story office with elevator access.
  • 15,000 cubic yards of recycled concrete was re-used through on site crushing.  6,000 cubic yards of recycled asphalt was re-used through onsite crushing.
  • State of the Art Refrigeration System encompassing the latest technology in Ammonia Refrigerant Systems.
  • 1,000 KVA Back-up Generator to support operating systems.
  • Constructed on old Chicago Fill Site.  Specialty Ground Improvement under entire footprint of building consisting of 3,500 Deep Rigid Inclusions to support building structure
  • Railroad access along east side of building allowing for storage of rail cars.
  • Trailer parking, automobile parking along with (23) Truck Dock Doors
  • Building is LEED Certified,
  • Full Height Racking system throughout the (3) storage areas.
  • Freezer Storage Areas encompass some of the tightest tolerances and detailing of any type of building constructed.
  • Exterior construction consists of 6” thick metal faced insulated panels at freezers and Insulated Precast Concrete Panels at the Loading Dock and Offices